GraniteShares Media Coverage – 2018

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12-28-18 Platinum Prices are Poised for a Pop – (Barrons)
12-28-18 Gold on the rise amid market volatility – (YAHOO! Finance TV)
12-26-18 Bloomberg ETF IQ – (Bloomberg TV)
12-21-18   Facing volatility, robos race to add safe harbors – (Financial Planning)
12-21-18 How car manufacturing changes influence palladium and platinum prices – (MarketWatch)

12-21-18 Oil price driven down by market belief in oversupply, analyst says – (CNBC Europe)
12-19-18 Betterment adding commodities to adviser platform – (Investment News)
12-14-18 Muted reaction to cheap gold ETFs – (
12-11-18   2019 forecasts: Asset management trends – (Money Management Executive)
12-6-18   OPEC debates production cut…but why does it matter? – (Marketplace Morning Report/BBC)
12-5-18   Aberdeen Standard fires shot in gold ETF fee war – (Fund Action)
12-3-18   Talk your book: Investing in commodities – (Animal Spirits Podcast)
12-3-18   Gold gains as easing Sino-U.S. trade row trigger dollar selloff – (Reuters)
12-3-18 2019 could see equities sell off and gold rebound – expert – (KITCO News)
12-1-18 Natural gas leads commodity gainers in November, but oil prices suffer the biggest losses – (MarketWatch)
12-1-18   ETFs on the rise – (Retire Ahead)
11-28-18 Gold pares gains after Fed minutes affirm December rate hike – (Reuters)
11-21-18 Classic bear market gold trade could be back from the dead with stocks in correction – (
11-20-18   Will OPEC repeat mistake of keeping output high? – (The Wall Street Journal)
11-19-18   Could ETF fees fall to zero? They already have, sort of – (The Globe and Mail)
11-17-18 Why the slump in oil prices is not signaling a recession – (Barron’s)
11-16-18 Signs of life in platinum – (Seeking Alpha)
11-14-18 Natural-gas futures post 18% climb, largest in more than 14 years – (MarketWatch)
11-14-18 Gold meanders around $1,200 as robust dollar weighs – (Reuters)
11-14-18 Will Rhind discusses price activity in the metals – (TD Ameritrade Network)
11-12-18 Two low-cost gold ETFs quickly gain assets – (ETF Trends)
11-6-18 Two low-cost gold ETFs see AUM exceed $300 as investors look for safe-havens – (KITCO News)
11-2-18 It’s time to buy gold, as dollar continues to soften – (Bloomberg Radio)
10-30-18   ETF Summit, Will Rhind – (Financial Advisor)
10-30-18 Gold weekly: Overlooked. Until when? – (Seeking Alpha)
10-28-18 During a stock-market selloff, how would you invest $100,000? – (MarketWatch)
10-25-18 Gold weekly: Spec normalization under way – (Seeking Alpha)
10-25-18 Gold wants to move higher, but 2015-17 stands in its way; BAR: A cheaper gold ETF product
– (Seeking Alpha)
10-23-18 Oil futures dim in Asia – (The Wall Street Journal)
10-17-18 Bloomberg ETF IQ – (Bloomberg TV)
10-16-18 PPLT vs. PLTM – a tale of 2 ETFs – (Seeking Alpha)
10-14-18   If you see that opportunity and you can really make things better it’s really just up to you – (The Entrepreneur Way Podcast)
10-12-18   GraniteShares continues to look beyond commodities with battery and tech ETFs – (Fund Action)
10-12-18 Winter is coming and natural gas supplies are already short – (Barron’s)
10-11-18 Gold ETF fee battle intensifies – (Benzinga)
10-10-18 GraniteShares pares fee on gold ETF – (ETF Trends)
10-10-18   GraniteShares gold reclaims title of cheapest gold ETP – (ETF Strategy)
10-9-18   Investing in commodities with Will Rhind – (Better Money Decisions Podcast)
10-9-18 ETFs change indexes, expense ratios – (
10-9-18 Gold climbs, but holds below $1,200 with global stock vulnerability, higher rates under watch – (MarketWatch)
10-8-18   GraniteShares’ gold ETF goes cheapest in response to ‘double whammy’ opportunity – (Fund Action)
10-8-18 Gold inches higher on safe-haven demand amid China worries – (Reuters)
10-8-18 Low-cost gold ETF GraniteShares cuts fees as price rivalry hots up – (Reuters)
10-8-18 Can gold rebound from here? GraniteShares CEO weighs in – (KITCO News)
10-5-18   Gold ETF fee-war goes ‘crazy’ as GraniteShares CEO undercut SPDR – (Bloomberg)
10-4-18 Fiscal worries over Italy spur gold safe-haven trade – (Bloomberg TV)
10-4-18 Gold edges back above $1,200/oz but yield surge caps gains – (Reuters)
9-28-18 Oil prices usually decline in the fourth quarter, but may buck that trend this year – (MarketWatch)
9-24-18 Barrick-Randgold merger good sign for gold market – analysts – (KITCO News)
9-24-18   Top 6 low cost gold ETFs – (Investopedia)
9-23-18 Bitcoin ETFs keep trying, despite regulators’ rejections – (The Wall Street Journal)
9-21-18 8 affordable commodity stocks to buy – (U.S. New & World Report)
9-19-18 7 low-cost gold ETFs – (Kiplinger)
9-19-18 Oil hits two-month high as U.S. crude inventories slide – (The Wall Street Journal)
9-19-18   Shop Talk: The CEO of GraniteShares on Commodity ETFs – (Shop Talk Podcast)
9-19-18 Will Rhind focuses on metals – (TD Ameritrade Network)
9-13-18 Best Gold ETFs – (Benzinga)
9-13-18   Will Rhind from GraniteShares – (Bank On It Podcast)
9-11-18 Gold weekly: ‘Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have’ – (Seeking Alpha)
9-7-18 Gold will need these catalysts for long-term growth – (KITCO News)
9-4-18   Silver linings: Should investors look beyond gold for safe haven assets? – (City A.M.)
8-31-18   How to make the leap from CEO to entrepreneur – (Entrepreneur)

This guy is taking on BlackRock and State Street with cut-rate gold and commodity ETFs – (Forbes)

8-24-18   What an SEC bitcoin ETF rejection review really means – (CoinDesk)
8-24-18 Sugar prices are the lowest in a decade, but haven’t hit bottom yet – (MarketWatch)
8-23-18 GraniteShares CEO ‘disappointed’ by SEC’s bitcoin ETF decision – (Bloomberg TV)
8-23-18 Oil under pressure as China-U.S. trade talks start – (The Wall Street Journal)
8-17-18   Gold falls to 18-month low as dollar rally runs – (Citywire USA)
8-14-18   Where to invest for income when rates are rising – (Next Avenue)
8-13-18   Asset managers aim to meet demand for ‘unique services’ – (Money Management Executive)
8-10-18 Will Turkey’s currency crisis create gold’s shining moment? – (KITCO News)
8-10-18 Will Rhind talks impact of emerging markets on gold price – (TD Ameritrade Network)
8-9-18   GraniteShares strikes gold with BAR ETF – (RIA Channel)
8-9-18 Gold not glittering as brightly for investors – (Yahoo! Finance)
8-3-18 7 ways to shelter from a trade war – (U.S. News & World Report)
8-2-18 Investors flock to this commodity ETF – (
7-30-18   An ETF entrepreneur adds a marketer and builds out distro – (Mutual Fund Wire)
7-30-18   The trajectory of gold prices depends on the strength of the dollar – (TheStreet TV
7-30-18 The bullish case for gold as yellow metal hovers near 1-year low – (MarketWatch)
7-30-18 Opening Bell, July 30, 2018 – (CNBC)
7-25-18 Celebrating 14 years of ETF growth – (ETF Trends)
7-25-18   Why gold should be part of your portfolio – (ETF Daily News)
7-24-18 A disruption to Iran oil could push prices up $10 to $20: Rhind – (Bloomberg Radio)
7-23-18 JP Morgan Japan ETF raking in record assets – (
7-23-18   New oil play, buyback focus among investing pro’s top ETF picks – (Investor’s Business Daily)
7-23-18 Gold market’s slide brings out the bears – (The Wall Street Journal)
7-16-18   A year-old ETF shop rocks June – (Mutual Fund Wire)
7-11-18 Amid trade war, U.S. fund investors find little safe haven in gold – (Reuters)
7-9-18 Schwab bests Vanguard in ETFs
7-3-18   Gold bug: Retail demand for gold exposure prompts new funds – (Ignites)
6-29-18   GraniteShares’ AUM surpasses $300m on back of low-cost gold ETP – (ETF Strategy)
6-29-18 Gold ETFs dip to 6-month low: Time to buy? – (Zacks Investment Research)
6-29-18 Here’s how the commodities sector performed in the first half of the year – (MarketWatch)
6-27-18   Will Rhind: An equity market correction will drive gold – (NASDAQ)
6-26-18 Gold ETF fee war continues, as new fund undercuts rivals – (MarketWatch)
6-25-18 Gold weekly: Ready for takeoff – (Seeking Alpha)
6-25-18   Some see commodity-based funds ready to heat up – (Pensions & Investments)
6-20-18 Gold lower as dollar steadies in higher U.S. rates environment – (Reuters)
6-18-18 Whatever Saudis decide at OPEC meeting, other countries will fall in… – (CNBC International)
6-12-18   ETFs impose litany of operational hurdles – (Fund Operations)
6-12-18   Will Rhind spotlights GraniteShares ETFs – (ETF Store Show Podcast)
6-8-18   Investors looking for income could consider ETF plays like GraniteShares HIPS ETF – (ETF Daily News)
6-7-18 Copper prices could triple in 10 years – (Barron’s)
6-7-18   From debt crises to the hottest tech stocks – (KITCO News)
6-6-18 Safe-haven buying spurs gold ETF inflows in May – (ETF Trends)
6-6-18 Competition in gold ETFs heating up as BAR sees $145M growth in three days – (KITCO News)
6-6-18 Fee wars shake up gold ETFs – (
6-5-18   Tiny gold ETF wages fee war to reap 10-fold surge in assets – (Bloomberg)
6-5-18 A lesser known gold ETF shines through – (ETF Trends)

Hefty inflows for gold ETF ‘BAR’ – (

6-4-18   Will Rhind, Founder and CEO of GraniteShares, innovates the high yield space for investors – (The Wall Street Transcript)
5-31-18 Here’s what steel and aluminum tariffs to U.S. allies mean for the metals market – (MarketWatch)
5-31-18 2010-style crisis approaches: Prepare for flight to safety – (KITCO News)
5-30-18 Should investors be cautious about financials? – (Fox Business)
5-29-18   Why gold should be in every portfolio – (ThinkAdvisor)
5-25-18   Kristen Winther, Top Women in Asset Management Awards winner – (Money Management Executive)
5-25-18 GraniteShares’ Will Rhind explains the GraniteShares HIPS US high income ETF – (TD Ameritrade Network)
5-22-18 Gold weekly: Should you buy the dips? – (Seeking Alpha)
5-22-18 What the price of oil says about the economy – (U.S. News & World Report)
5-18-18 Here’s why diesel prices are aiming for record highs – (MarketWatch)
5-15-18   Active vs. passive – (Portfolio Institutional)
5-15-18 Here’s why U.S. oil is trading at its biggest discount to the global crude benchmark since 2015 – (MarketWatch)
5-14-18   The winners: Top Women in Asset Management Awards – (Money Management Executive)
5-12-18 If you own gold, these ETFs may cut your costs – (Forbes)
5-9-18 Will Rhind, Founder and CEO of GraniteShares talks metals – (TD Ameritrade Network)
5-9-18   Oil prices hit three-and-a-half-year high after US exits from Iran deal – (The Guardian)
5-8-18 Gold weekly: Time to invest in the lowest-cost physical gold ETF, BAR – (Seeking Alpha)
5-7-18 Cheaper gold ETF is in the works – (ETF Trends)
5-4-18 Here’s what sanctions on Iran could do to global oil supply and prices – (MarketWatch)
5-4-18 Oil prices rise to highest since 2014 on strong fundamentals – (Bloomberg Radio)
4-26–18 As rates rise, do MLPs belong in your portfolio? – (U.S. News & World Report)
4-23-18   Winners of the Top Women in Asset Management Awards announced – (Money Management Executive)
4-23-18   Behind Vanguard’s active ETF efforts – (NASDAQ)
4-20-18 Bitcoin nipping at gold demand – (
4-19-18 Surprise exposures & why your NAV is wrong – (
4-18-18 Inside the rebirth of commodity ETF flows (Bloomberg TV)
4-13-18 Gold scores second straight weekly gain – (MarketWatch)
4-13-18 Will Rhind, Founder and CEO of GraniteShares on gold – (TD Ameritade Network)
4-13-18 Gold trending up, but still stalled by hawkish Fed – (Reuters)
4-8-18 Europe’s upstart ETF market makes some strides – (The Wall Street Journal)
4-5-18 GraniteShares Founder and CEO Will Rhind talks gold – (TD Ameritade Network)
4-3-18 Is gold set for a breakout? – GraniteShares CEO – (KITCO News)
4-2-18 Gold rises more than 1 pct on renewed U.S.-China trade tensions – (Reuters)
3-31-18 Cocoa and steel lead first-quarter gains – (Barron’s)
3-30-18   High yield/income investing – GraniteShares – with Will Rhind – (Strategic Investor Radio)
3-23-18 Gold investing for ETF leprechauns – (ETF Trends)
3-22-18 And the 2017 Awards winners are … (
3-21-18 How will today’s Fed decision impact bitcoin and gold? – (Forbes)
3-16-18   4th Annual Liquid Alternative Strategies Summit – GraniteShares – Will Rhind – (Strategic Investor Radio)
3-9-18 Will Rhind talks metals – (TD Ameritade Network)
3-8-18 If gold follows copper’s path, prices could rise to $1,475 – GraniteShares – (KITCO News)
3-6-18 Inside ETFs: Rhind on the case for gold right now – (
3-5-18 More upside from gold, says Will Rhind – (Reuters TV)
3-5-18 Silver’s poised to outpace gold this year – (MarketWatch)
3-3-18 Silver trails gold by the biggest margin in 25 years – (Barron’s)
3-1-18 ETF issuer insights – (NYSE)
2-27-18 Will Rhind – (Fox Business)
2-27-18 Poll – Gold seen climbing further on safe-haven demand – (Reuters)
2-27-18   Look to gold for protection from market turbulence: How owning precious metals can provide a hedge against choppy markets – (City A.M.)
2-22-18 Will Rhind is monitoring the movement in metals – (TD Ameritade Network)
2-21-18 OPEC’s influence fading? – (Fox Business)
2-13-18   GraniteShares offers low-cost commodities ETF – (ETF Advisor Magazine)
2-8-18   Will Rhind – GraniteShares – (ValueWalk)
2-7-18 Will Rhind is assessing new API numbers – (TD Ameritrade Network)
2-7-18 Platinum is primed for a comeback – (Seeking Alpha
2-7-18 Gold’s behaving like it’s 2008 and here’s what it’s saying – (KITCO News)
2-7-18 Gold prices log lowest finish in a month – (MarketWatch)
2-6-18 Gold stands to benefit from higher inflation expectation: Rhind – (Bloomberg Radio)
2-6-18 Money’s equity flash crash makes strong case for gold – Will Rhind – (KITCO News)
2-3-18 Platinum looks to regain its shine – (Barron’s)
1-31-18   Commodities are back – (ETF Advisor Magazine)
1-31-18   GraniteShares CEO makes the case for new platinum ETF – (Investing News Network)
1-26-18 New ETF firm says there is more upside in energy – (CNBC)
1-24-18   GraniteShares launches cheapest platinum ETF in US – (ETF Strategy)
1-24-18   Hidden ETF gems – (Financial Advisor Magazine)
1-23-18 GraniteShares launches low-cost platinum ETF – (Zacks Investment Research)
1-23-18   GraniteShares launches new low-cost platinum ETF – (ETF Express)
1-22-18 GraniteShares debuts platinum fund – (
1-18-18 Happy 25th birthday: The SPY ETF changed investing – (U.S. News & World Report)
1-17-18 Bloomberg ETF IQ – (Bloomberg TV)
1-17-18 Disruptive ETFs: First stop, commodities – (Forbes)
1-12-18 Investors turning to gold as inflation risks resurface: Rhind – (Bloomberg Radio)
1-10-18   If you remember only one thing about inflation, remember this – (The Reformed Broker)
1-9-18 10 top funds for a 2018 gusher in energy stocks – (Kiplinger)
1-3-18 Commodities have a bullish outlook for 2018 – (U.S. News & World Report)
1-3-18 Will Rhind on the dollar dip and gold prices – (TD Ameritrade Network)
12-30-17 How investors can ride a rally in commodities – (Barron’s)
12-21-17   Tax break for bitcoin investors to end under GOP tax bill – (The Chicago Tribune)
12-20-17 Issuers scramble to enter the bitcoin ETF fray – (Benzinga)
12-20-17 Bloomberg ETF IQ – (Bloomberg TV)
12-19-17 The next bitcoin ETFs are testing their luck with skeptical regulator – (Bloomberg)
12-19-17 Direxion, GraniteShares join bitcoin filing wave – (
12-18-17 GraniteShares takes control of high income ETF – (ETF Trends)
12-18-17   Former iShares principal’s start-up acquires high income ETF – (Citywire)
12-13-17   Gold steadies at nearly 6-month low ahead of expected Fed rate hike – (Morningstar)
12-13-17 The 9 most interesting ETF launches of 2017 – (U.S. News & World Report)
12-11-17 Managers waging battle over fees on several fronts – (Kiplinger)
12-7-17 The outlook for investing in metal in 2018 – (U.S. News & World Report)
12-7-17 The 7 best ETFs for Trump’s tax cuts – (Kiplinger)
12-6-17 Will Rhind on metals to watch – (TD Ameritrade Network)
12-5-17 6 reasons Bitcoin futures are better than Bitcoin – (Forbes)
12-1-17 Hidden Gem ETFs – (
11-29-17   Execs talk diversification plays at ETP forum  – (Fund Action)
11-27-17   Q&A with Will Rhind, founder & CEO of GraniteShares – (
11-27-17   ETFs offer plethora of risk management alternatives – (Pensions & Investments)
11-21-17 Don’t let dire market forecasts shake you – (U.S. News & World Report)
11-21-17 Oil logs a gain as look ahead to U.S. supply updated, OPEC meeting- (MarketWatch)
11-21-17   Gold ETF veteran says new funds fix key problems – (Investing News Network)
11-20-17   Q&A with William Rhind founder and CEO of new ETF provider GraniteShares
Will Rhind – (Abormal Returns)
11-15-17 Gold is a tool investors need to understand – Will Rhind – (KITCO News)
11-5-17 How to measure ETF spreads – (The Wall Street Journal)
11-1-2017   Global regulators take another look at ETFs – (Investment & Pensions Europe)
10-30-17 There’s a new front in the ETF fee war: Single-country funds – (MarketWatch)
10-27-17 Investing in commodities: A beginner’s guide – (Zacks Friday Finish Line Podcast)
10-24-17   A closer look at the cheapest gold ETF on the market (BAR) – (ETF Daily News)
10-19-17 World’s lowest cost portfolio hits 0.05% fee – (
10-18-17 Why the latest round of rock-bottom ETF fees may be a non-event for investors – (MarketWatch)
10-17-17 GraniteShares CEO aims for ETF radical reinvention – (Bloomberg TV)
10-7-17 Palladium tops platinum for first time in 16 years – (Barron’s)
10-4-17 GraniteShares acquiring income ETF – (
9-25-17 Coal will be king again – for a while – (Barron’s)
9-20-17   When nearly everything’s a winner, gold investors get antsy – (Associated Press)
9-20-17 Gold falls 1 pct, hits three-week low after Fed statement – (Reuters)
9-19-17 Gold slips for third straight session as traders await Fed outcome – (MarketWatch)
9-18-17 How lumber prices could score a big lift from hurricanes – (MarketWatch)
9-15-17 Gold ETFs regain luster – (The Wall Street Journal)
9-15-17 ETF fee war expands, bringing more pain to active managers – (MarketWatch)
9-11-17 Will gold prices keep extending their gains? – (Forbes)
9-8-17   ETFs that track gold having a better year than the stock market – (Investor’s Business Daily)
9-8-17 Bloomberg Business Report – (Bloomberg Radio)
9-8-17 Here’s how commodities and energy stocks will react to Hurricane Irma – (YAHOO! Finance TV)
9-7-17   Examining some non-traditional offerings in the gold ETF space – (ETF Daily News)
9-7-17   Gold just got cheaper – new ETF hits the block as demand soars – (TheStreet)
9-6-17   Is this the cheapest gold ETF on the market? – (TheArmchair Trader)
9-6-17 A price war among gold ETFs? – (Barron’s)
9-1-17 Quoting bond villain, new gold ETF takes aim at rivals on fees – (MarketWatch)
9-1-17   GraniteShares launches gold ETF – (ETF Express)
9-1-17 ETF week: Cheaper gold fund, Tuttle ETFs close – (
9-1-17 In praise of the little guy – (
9-1-17 New low-cost gold ETF open for business – (Seeking Alpha)
9-1-17 A new gold ETF for frugal investors – (Benzinga)
9-1-17   GraniteShares rolls out the lowest-cost gold ETF – (ETF Strategy)
8-31-17 Gold steady near 9-1/2 month highs as N. Korea tensions persist – (Reuters)
8-31-17   Fund files: Janus quits FITS; Invesco soft-closes $9bn fund – (Citywire)
8-31-17 Lowest priced gold ETF hits market (Benzinga)
8-31-17   Former head of GLD sponsor launches gold ETF – (Fund Action)
8-31-17 GraniteShares launches lowest priced gold ETF – (ETF Trends)
8-31-17 GraniteShares’ new low cost gold ETF – (
8-17-17 Commodities: A solid alternative to diversify a traditional portfolio – (ETF Trends)
8-16-17 Renewed interest in gold and other commodities – (CNBC)
8-10-17 Seeking waves to ride, traders ditch stocks for commodities – (MarketWatch)
8-7-17 Why big advisors are allocating to commodities ETFs now – (ETF Trends)
8-4-17   Checking in with the two cheapest commodity ETFs (COMB, COMG) – (ETF Daily News
8-3-17 Investors conflicted as gold prices rise, but Fed and ECB policy outlook weighs – (CNBC)
8-2-17 Gold holders stay loyal to BlackRock iShares as investors flee more expensive ETF – (Bloomberg)
8-2-17 What you should know about commodities ETFs now – (ETF Trends)