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Will Rhind on Gold Prices – (Yahoo! Finance)


Gold Weekly: Everyone Is Buying The Yellow Metal – (Seeking Alpha)

7-12-19 Platinum Has Missed the Precious-Metal Rally. Now May Be Its Time to Shine. – (Barron’s)
7-11-19 Investors Flocked to Gold ETFs in June – (ETF Trends)
7-11-19 Gold settles lower, pulls back from highest levels in a week – (MarketWatch)
7-8-19 HIPS High Income ETF revises index methodology – (ETF Trends)
7-2-19 Gold jumps 1.5% as yields dropped on global on growth concerns – (Reuters)
6-28-19   GraniteShares wants SEC interval fund registration changes for ETPs – (Fund Intelligence)
6-28-19 Should you buy gold ETFs now? – (Zacks Investment Research)
6-27-19 A game theory hypothesis on the stock market’s G-20 ‘conundrum’ – (Bloomberg)
6-27-19 A ‘perfect storm of demand’ is behind gold’s recent rally – (Yahoo! Finance)
6-26-19   Gold mining ETFs best performers during past month – (Financial Advisor Magazine)
6-26-19 You won’t find Vanguard funds among 2019’s best-performing ETFs – (Bloomberg)
6-25-19 Why gold’s glittering rise is “here to stay” – (Yahoo! Finance TV)
6-24-19 Gold hits 6 year high, ETF investors yawn – (
6-24-19   Why safe haven gold ETFs are soaring as Trump-Xi trade talks loom – (Investopedia)
6-24-19   Gold ETFs break out after long slumber – (Nasdaq)
6-21-19 Gold is surging. How to play it with ETFs. – (Barron’s)
6-20-19 Gold ETFs in play as precious metal eyes a rate cut – (ETF Trends)
6-20-19 Yield ETF debuts as ‘ETF’ fund closes – (
6-20-19 Gold hits 5-year high after Fed signals rate cut – (Reuters)
6-18-19   Two years in, a VC-backed ETF shop retakes the lead – (Mutual Fund Wire)
6-18-19 Gold price ahead of the Fed, what to watch for – (Kitco News)
6-17-19 Will Rhind talks the hunt for yield – (TD Ameritrade Network)
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6-17-19 Gold surges to 14-month high: ETFs to tap – (Zacks Investment Research)
6-17-19 Pros and cons to energy ETF investing – (U.S. News & World Report)
6-14-19 A false dawn for gold – (Seeking Alpha)
6-14-19 Tanker attacks disrupt oil’s predictable cycle – (Barron’s)
6-13-19 3 investments that survive trade wars – (U.S. News & World Report)
6-12-19 Oil’s surge on tanker attacks muted by demand fears – (Bloomberg)
6-12-19 Platinum is not the rich-person’s gold – (Seeking Alpha)
6-7-19   Gold-backed ETFs dropped in May – report – (
6-7-19 Going beyond gold & silver with platinum ETFs, ETNs – (ETF Trends)
6-6-19 What’s moving the price of gold? – (Yahoo! Finance TV)
6-4-19 Will Rhind discusses rates on the path for retest – (TD Ameritrade Network)
6-3-19 Investors preparing for the end of the equity bull run and turning to gold – Will Rhind – (Kitco News)
5-31-19 Permian oil explorers expand activity as drilling costs decline – (Bloomberg)
5-31-19 Calculating the high cost of really stormy weather – (Barron’s)
5-28-19 Sunnier times ahead for oil prices, says Will Rhind – (Reuters TV)
5-23-19   The ETF Show – Funds for Diversification – (Asset TV)
5-22-19 Oil drops sharply as glut fears return – (Wall Street Journal)
5-22-19 Gold holds steady above two-week low after Fed minutes – (Reuters)
5-21-19   GraniteShares Gold ETF hits $500 AUM milestone – (ETF Strategy)
5-20-19 GraniteShares Gold Trust ETF tops $500 million in assets – (ETF Trends)
5-17-19 Seeing Buyers Of Gold Bars As Cycle Ages: GraniteShares – (Bloomberg Radio)
5-2-19 Gold demand rises after 3-year low – (ETF Trends)
4-30-19   Here’s why silver has been underperforming – (NASDAQ)
4-29-19 The real reason silver has been underperforming – (KITCO News)
4-26-19 8 gold ETFs looking to rebound in 2019 – (ETF Trends)
4-26-19 Gold ETF fee war gets complicated – (
4-24-19 Looking to include gold in your portfolio? Think GLD BARs – (Seeking Alpha)
4-23-19 Will Rhind Discusses Low Energy Gold And Limited Volatility In The Indices – (TD Ameritrade Network)
4-18-19 Iran oil exports may fall at least 20% more – (Wall Street Journal)
4-16-19 Gold retreats, but analysts remain steadfast in precious metal – (ETF Trends)
4-11-19 Here’s why gold ETFs are set to shine – (Zacks Investment Research)
4-11-19 Role reversal for platinum – (Seeking Alpha)
4-11-19 Hog futures rally, up more than 60% year-to-date, as U.S. exports to China surge – (MarketWatch)
4-10-19   After criticizing the idea, Vanguard to launch low-cost commodities mutual fund, but it ain’t for Mom-and-Pop investors – (Philadelphia Inquirer)
4-10-19 Oil Edges Higher as Venezuela Output Collapses – (Wall Street Journal)
4-8-19 Will Rhind on Investing in Commodities with ETFs – (TD Ameritrade Network)
4-4-19 Oil rises above $70 a barrel for the first time since November – (Bloomberg)
3-28-19 Batteries, tech focus of ETF filing – (
3-26-19 Palladium supply shock – substitution coming – (Seeking Alpha)
3-21-19   How to buy gold: Six tips and reasons to buy in 2019 – (TheStreet)
3-21-19   As markets churn, six precious-metals ETFs – (The Globe and Mail)
3-20-19 Platinum – will an ETF product make a change? – (Seeking Alpha)
3-19-19   Gold, the Federal Reserve, and the dollar – what’s driving up precious metal prices? – (City A.M.)
3-18-19 Here’s how to play gold using ETFs – (CNBC)
3-14-19 Market on Close (Gold Update) – (TD Ameritrade Network)
3-14-19 Oil prices hit 2019 high as U.S. sanctions bite – (Wall Street Journal)
3-8-19 February jobs report fuels debate over US economic slowdown – (Fox Business)
3-8-19   3 Ways To Play Gold As Global Uncertainty Spurs Rally – (Investors Business Daily)
3-8-19 Hedge Funds Dumped Gold Bets Before Jobs Data Sparked Rally – (Bloomberg)
3-7-19 Oil Sputters as Economic Woes Outweigh U.S. Drilling Slowdown – (Bloomberg)
3-4-19 GraniteShares Rings the NYSE Opening Bell® – (NYSE)
2-28-19 Gold’s Four-Month Winning Streak on the Line Today – (Barron’s)
2-26-19 Gold prices log first back-to-back decline in 3 weeks – (MarketWatch)
2-22-19 The Smart Way to Buy Gold ETFs – (Barron’s)
2-21-19 Oil Prices Decline as U.S. Crude Production Hits Record? – (The Wall Street Journal)
2-20-19 Investors watch US-China trade talks as deadline approaches – (Fox Business)
2-12-19 Can Gold ETFs Continue to Shine in 2019? – (Zacks Investment Research Podcast)
2-12-19 Investors Flock to a Cheap Gold ETF – (ETF Trends)
2-12-19 12 Hidden Gem ETFs – (
2-11-19 Investment Portfolios Are Broken And Gold Is the Fix – GraniteShares – (KITCO News)
2-11-19 Fastest-Growing Gold ETF Using Fee War to Redefine Industry – (Bloomberg)
2-4-19 Gold poised for more gains, says GraniteShares’ Will Rhind – (Reuters)
1-31-19 Finalists for the annual Awards – (
1-28-19 Disruptive ETF Company Crosses $500M in Assets Under Management – (ETF Trends)
1-25-19 Natural Gas Is Finally Calming Down. Here’s How to Play the Market. – (Barron’s)
1-18-19 Inside Newmont’s Gamble to Create World’s Largest Gold Co. – (Bloomberg TV)
1-16-19 Oil Prices Edge Higher on Rising U.S. Stocks – (The Wall Street Journal)
1-15-19 The 19 Best ETFs to Buy for a Prosperous 2019 – (Kiplinger)
1-14-19 No Longer Hidden ETF Gems – (
1-12-19   A Golden Opportunity? – (Winnipeg Free Press)
1-11-19 Gold Prices Are Officially Back Says This Expert – (KITCO News)
1-7-19 ETF Edge: Building a Cheap Portfolio – (CNBC)
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