Ryan Giannotto, CFA, Director of Research

Ryan Giannotto, CFA, is the Director of Research at GraniteShares. He can be reached via email:



See Ya Dimon, Hello Fink: Top 10 XOUT’s for Q1 2020

The latest XOUT rebalance gives fresh insight into the pulse of disruption, and significantly, the players who are falling behind in the race to innovate effectively. Here we examine the 10 largest companies XOUT eliminates this quarter—the roughly $3 trillion in market cap vulnerable to secular decline. When yesterday’s titans can rapidly become today’s bankruptcies, the XOUT Index continually looks to identify potential market laggards, aiming to leave them out of the portfolio.


A Decade of Stock Returns: Chart of the Week

Stock market returns come in all shapes and size—how exactly does 2019’s 30% gain measure up? Breaking down a decade of S&P 500 stocks illustrates how lumpy equity returns can be, and the folly to simply trying pick winners. Just as important as the actual returns is how they are distributed, and this chart serves as a powerful visualization of how the risks we take are always changing.